SEO Reporting Tool

SEO Reporting Tool

SEO Reporting Tool is a free seo tool which will help you analyse your web page

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Content analysis

Content analysis View a content analysis. Check your text/html ratio, headings and etc.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Get full list of meta-tags from web page. View site's title, keywords, og properties and more.

Link Extractor

Link Extractor Extract links from your website with anchors, url and find out internal and external links percentage.

Speed Test

Speed Test Speed-up your website load time by finding most slowest page's parts.

Get Advice

Get Advice The system automatically shows you vulnerabilities and gives advice.

Website Review

Website Review Get a full website review absolutly free.
SEO Reporting Tool Provides Free SEO Reports For Analyzing A Website

Why do need SEO Reporting?

With the evolution of technology, the internet search parameters have also evolved. Nowadays, for you website to generate the right amount of traffic and to ensure that your business is efficient and productive; you need to employ the right techniques to attract the attention of the customers. People flock to the websites nowadays to find something or the other and thus it is important that your website gets the requisite amount of attention. This is possible with the help of the right SEO tools and periodic SEO reports that state the health of your website. 'Google only loves when everyone else loves you first'

What is SEO reporting?

A SEO reporting is done prior to an SEO campaign to assess the results later. It consists of a number of reports to ascertain which areas you need to focus on first and also modify accordingly. They are:

Why do you need to employ SEO techniques?

There are various reasons why you need an SEO expert to employ techniques to help gain traffic to your website. They are:

What does a SEO report state?

When making a SEO report, there are certain questions that it should answer. When I had to employ an agency to look after my website so that they could generate more traffic to it, they created a SEO report. They used certain SEO tools to state exactly how they had fared. Listed below are the questions that an SEO report should answer:

Cost involved

Different agencies charge each company differently based upon the task and also upon the contract. Some charge a monthly retainer of $750 - $5000 depending upon the amount of task they have to take up. Some even choose an agency on a contract basis depending upon the service they choose. Like for social media site setup, it costs around $5000-$3000 whereas for content audit, it is around $500-$7500. Some even charge on the basis of a project from $1000 to $30,000 while some on an hourly basis.